Q & A

What is The Working Circle®?

It is a unique 8-step process used for decision-making and for resolving conflicts without confrontation. Participants ask questions together, examine the issues from a variety of perspectives. Groups collaborate in a creative and comprehensive method, even if there is conflict, because with The Working Circle, there is no confrontation. Groups have been using The Working Circle since 1995 and have used it for planning, idea generation and the resolution of conflict.

  • Past, present and future
  • All the perspectives of every person involved
  • What is important and what is not
  • What people are willing to do and what they are not willing to do
  • Expectations and commitments on how the organization and team members might be positively transformed
  • Ways to minimize destructive conflict

The Result?

A Comprehensive game plan and a more unified team!

Once the skills are learned and vividly applied the participants can take these back to the office.

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Q. What are the skills we can learn from The Working Circle®?

A. The Working Circle® is designed to reinforce collaboration, communications and productivity. You can expect to enhance constructive leadership skills and create successful teams. After The Working Circle®, you will address your customer’s requirements with what we like to call “exquisite service”. These are proven human resources and organizational management skills that allow for flexibility and honor your organization and your personnel.

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Q. How long does a Teambuilding Adventure take?

A. Organizations get results with a one day program, although some find that two or three days are more effective. We work with your company and discern your goals and design a program that will work with your employee’s schedules. Many programs are held in Tucson, Arizona because of the wide choice of locations. However, we can hold a Teambuilding Adventure in other locations if that is more convenient for your organization.

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Q. How many people should participate in a Teambuilding Adventure?

A. We have seen the best results with a minimum of six participants. Again, we’ll design a program to meet your requirements.

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Q. Will I be required, as a participant, to do anything uncomfortable or embarrassing?

A. Since the purpose of The Working Circle® is to enhance existing skills, teach a new way of approaching problem solving and honoring the organization, we will not place our participants in awkward situations. The Teambuilding Adventure is designed to be more intellectually demanding than physically rigorous. Everything is done in the spirit of fun and we know that the best learning takes place when people are feeling positive.

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Q. When should we consider a Teambuilding Adventure?

A. The Working Circle® technology and way of learning is what sets the Teambuilding Adventure apart. Here is what some of our clients suggest as the best times to book a Teambuilding Adventure:

  • When the organization is experiencing a time of change or conflict
  • When there has been a reorganization
  • When new management is in place and new alliances are forming
  • When the organization faces a challenge like a new market or introduction of a new product or service and
    teams and goals need to be resolved
  • When issues such as diversity or conflict resolution need to be addressed by resources outside of the organization’s human resources department
  • When you have a high performing team that needs an extra “something” to achieve at the next level
  • When there has been a merger

Q. How does the coaching program work?

A.  You sign up for 5 telephone sessions. At the beginning of the first session, you and the coach will establish what you want to accomplish. You will take the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory to learn more about yourself. Each session will have specific goals, and there will be “assignments” between sessions that will reinforce what you will be focused on. Your coach will be available via email throughout the coaching sessions.

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Q. What makes The Working Circle training programs unique?


  1. They are highly interactive
  2. They are fun
  3. They allow for real conversation, application to real-life situations and developing real solutions to situations at work
  4. They are designed to have you learn exactly what you need

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Q. Who is the book, “Win at Work!” for?
A.     Any professional who has faced conflict in their career. People who think they are too aggressive, or others who are extremely uncomfortable with conflict and consistently withdraw. “Win at Work!” offers help for 8 different career crossroads: it is for professionals who want to be problem-solvers and not problem-makers.

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