Customer Testimonials

“Thank you so much for teaching me how to have those very tough conversations with my staff. We are all functioning better now, thanks to you!”
– Karen, Raytheon Missile Systems

“Your teambuilding brought the group together, helped us iron out tough issues while we had fun. Thanks so much!”
– Jim, PricewaterhouseCoopers

“The Working Circle® is brilliant!”
– Gail Harris, PhD

“Dr. Katz has designed a brilliant tool for resolving challenges.”
– Donna M. Reed, Tools for Achievers, Inc.

“Anyone purchasing this book is probably experiencing a conflict at work, or went through a conflict and wants to know how to handle it better next time. You will not only find helpful advice in this book, but will also become a more perceptive employee or manager. It helps you identify your company’s culture and values, understand the motives of different personality types, and warns you about gossip and taking sides when others are disputing. In my career, I worked for several companies before I learned the importance of knowing what makes people tick. If I had read this book years ago, I would have handled a number situations differently with a more satisfying outcome–not just “winning,” but improving my working relationship with co-workers.
If you are a conflict avoider, this book will convince you that you that you can prepare yourself to approach a difficult boss, a manipulating co-worker, or a disgruntled subordinate not only with confidence, but with the diplomacy that helps both sides come to an understanding.”
— Jim O’Connor

“When I heard that Dr. Katz was publishing a book on the Working Circle I was very pleased. Having had the privilege of contracting with her to work with my team several times over the past 5 years I knew the book would be an invaluable tool for my teammates and I. I was not disappointed. She has the kind of smooth writing style that allows you to read and comprehend a great deal of information and forward-thinking concepts.
This book is for anyone who wants to understand how conflict can be channeled into productivity without engaging in destructive confrontation. So often we hear that our children and students are being taught critical thinking skills but when it comes to the work place I have found this skill to be sorely lacking. The Working Circle is a practical and effective tool that anyone in the workplace can employ to build the habits required to develop and sustain a desirable and thriving culture.”
— Limell Lawson

The Workshop was outstanding with very usable information.
– L J, Mitre Corporation