Informational Conflict Resolution

  • Non-confrontational facilitation/decision-making for team members, coworkers, business partners
  • Conflict Resolution for leadership teams, allowing them to make decisions collaboratively, with a focus on what is best for the organization
  • Decision-making that enables an organization to move forward with a cohesive organization team. Key decision-makers are brought together for creative problem-solving
  • The Working Circle®, a unique 8-step process for resolving conflict is used. It focuses on collaborative decision-making and the learning of ways of avoiding conflict in the future.

Resolve Issues
Learn New
Behaviors for Continued Success

Who is this for? Savvy professionals who know that they are part of the problem AND part of the solution. These services are for individuals who want their business to be the best it can be AND have the employees enjoy what they do, become highly productive, and be wonderfully collaborative!