Winning Organizations and Competent Teams

Since 1995, The Working Circle has empowered professionals and organizations: When organizations have leaders and employees that know how to communicate, collaborate, and cooperate, everyone is
incredibly successful!

  • Organizations transition into the future seamlessly

  • Leaders energize, motivate and manage for exceptional results

  • Teams improve how they communicate, make decisions and resolve conflicts

  • Team members become more productive and enthusiastic

  • Organizations become employers of choice, as professionals want to work where they are respected and

  • Professionals become more adept at problem-solving and resolving conflict
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Win at Work! has gotten rave reviews!

“Most who face conflict at work like to either run and hide or
over-react. Katz’ work offers a very useful way to turn conflict into success. By using the 8 steps
of the working circle, leaders can turn inevitable conflict into improved decisions. A leader who
learns these 8 steps will help bring out the best in his or her team. An employee who masters and
uses these 8 steps will have far more personal and professional success. The ideas are useful and
pragmatic. They are also so necessary in today’s work where a lack of civility too often exists.”

Dave Ulrich, Ph.D., author, “The Why of Work”


“Win At Work! The Everybody Wins Approach to Conflict Resolution”
by Diane Katz, Ph.D.

Win at Work! offers a powerful approach that speeds up decision-making, blends intuition and logic,
and wins greater participant buy-in. Dr. Katz offers unique insights into conflict — what businesses
do to reinforce destructive conflict, and how the masculine, linear model of decision-making can no
longer work. Through real life stories, she describes eight crossroads that so many professionals
face in their careers, and how you can become a problem solver and not a problem maker.